Bringing YOU to life

Discovering who you are and bringing it to life, isn’t easy.  Most people find it incredibly hard to do. Many people find it tough to answer questions about themselves when speaking with others.  Kinda crazy — If we can’t talk about ourselves, then who can?

What’s great about YOU:  We are all awesome at some things, great at other things and miserable at many other things.  Once you’ve realized your skills and motivations, bringing YOU to life is simple.

By understanding ourselves, we become a more effective narrator of our own story.

Communications Coaching & YOU

Through individual coaching or small-group workshops, I help individuals of all ages figure out the best way to bring their talents and passions to life in such areas as:

Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Generational Communication

Generational Communication

Founder and CEO of

Presenting Perfection offers public speaking classes and professional presentation classes to children, teens, and adults providing the tools and techniques needed to deliver the best possible presentation in any situation.

Communication Strategy: Redefined. Communication Insights just a public relations or marketing firm. We are a strategic advisory firm specializing in the intelligent, insightful and innovative practice of communication

Making a Positive First Impression

Let's face it: Meeting someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Even if you have on your power suit and look dressed to the nines, most of us still get nervous. Why? Because we don't want to make a bad first...

The Importance of Looking Up

Let’s face it — we’ve become a downward looking society. Between smart phones, web-enabled watches and computers, most of us spend the majority of our day looking down. Or, at least away from the people around us. Given the fact...

Communication Anxiety

When I was a kid, I didn’t have a cell phone. There was no such thing as Snap or Instagram.  And, we certainly didn’t have YouTube (although I was lucky enough to witness the debut of MTV.) If I wanted to...

Have our kids lost the art of conversation?

Have our kids lost the art of conversation?! When I was a kid, we spent hours on the phone…talking. Now, our kids spend hours texting. And they aren’t even using real words, lol, pun intended. Their texts are filled with abbreviations...


About Kathryn Lancioni

With over twenty-five years of experience in the communication industry, Kathryn Lancioni has a deep understanding of the world global communication.  She has worked as a journalist, a public relations executive, a college professor and an executive coach.  

In recent years, Ms. Lancioni has developed an expertise in the world of personal branding and interpersonal communication. She has helped thousands of conquering their fears of public speaking and interpersonal communication.  Her company, Presenting Perfection, focuses on helping individuals of all ages be the narrator of their personal story.  Working with clients in an individual or small group setting, Kathryn helps clients realize their inner communications strengths and transform them into assets. Her workshops: “Branding from the Inside Out” and “Impromptu You: Making A Positive First Impression” provide valuable lessons for communicators of all ages.

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